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Event marketing for festivals, clubs, and artists

SUP digital specializes in developing and implementing online event marketing strategies for festivals, clubs, and artists. We would be happy to explain our approach and the role of data 1️⃣, marketing automation 🎛️, online campaigns 📣, content creation 📸, and website optimization 🛒 in this process.

Customized event marketing

SUP digital specializes in event marketing, specifically the online promotion of festivals and events 🎪. Festival marketing is a specialized field that requires careful preparation. Like any online marketing project, we work from a digital marketing plan 📖. In this plan, we outline everything from A to Z, including objectives, KPIs, channel selection, marketing funnel, target audiences, required content, scheduling, and budgeting. Event marketing is something we are deeply passionate about, and we have been involved in promoting small and large events across the country for many years.

We directly connect event marketing to ticket shops to exchange purchase data with advertising platforms. This allows us to report on the return on investment. For example, €100 in costs ➡ €300 in revenue would yield a return on ad spend of x3. This information is crucial for evaluating the effectiveness of the strategy and content deployed on various channels. We would be delighted to show you how we achieve this for events like We ❤️ the 90’s, Papi Chulo🦜, and Bier en Big 🍺🐷. Schedule a 1-on-1 appointment to learn more!

Online campaigns for clubs

For clubs, visually appealing campaigns can be created to attract and engage the target audience 💃🏻🪩🕺🏽. The power of promoting clubs lies in utilizing multiple channels. From Google search, Display ads, and YouTube remarketing, to Instagram awareness and TikTok engagement. Online promotion for clubs can be cost-effective because you can advertise within a limited radius around your venue, aiming to build brand awareness, drive website traffic, and ultimately attract physical visitors to the club.

Clubs often have their own exciting content, and it’s our expertise to showcase this content to the right audience. We would be delighted to demonstrate how we achieve this for venues like RGB Bar 🔴🟢🔵 and LAB-1 🎬. Schedule a 1-on-1 appointment!

Online marketing for artists

The online visibility of an artist or band 🎤🎹 often involves multiple channels. All social media channels are maintained with organic posts on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube shorts, and Twitter. The creation and setup of a social media calendar 📅 with corresponding tools is essential in this process. There are often many parties involved, from record labels to booking agencies to artist managers to copywriters. Everyone needs to know their responsibilities to ultimately relieve the artist from the burden of social media visibility. Topics that often come up, both organically and in paid campaigns, include:

  • Promoting new tracks or playlists on Spotify
  • Announcing new single or album releases
  • Announcing a tour
  • Content from (live) shows
  • On the road
  • Content from the studio


When developing the digital marketing plan, we delve deeper 🔎 into all the goals that need to be achieved. Community building can be a goal in itself, but ticket sales for shows and generating as many streams as possible on Spotify also play a significant role. There are plenty of choices, and it’s our job to guide you through them! We’d love to show you how we do this, including our work with Weval 🎹.

Let's meet!

Are you or your organization active within these industries? If so, we would love to meet and brainstorm about your event marketing challenges. In a 1-on-1 session, we can discuss your specific challenges and show you some example cases. 👇🏼