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Real estate marketing

In real estate marketing, sustainability plays a significant role. Nowadays, people aspire to live in gas-free, zero-energy homes, in a climate-neutral environment, preferably surrounded by greenery 🌳. SUP digital is a real estate marketing agency that collaborates in reaching this target audience online 🖐🏼

Marketing for real estate, with a focus on sustainability

More and more, the focus in real estate marketing is on sustainability 🌱. Home seekers consciously choose sustainable new construction projects and critically assess how their future dream home is built 🏡. Nature-inclusive construction is more popular than ever, requiring a industry-specific online marketing approach. SUP digital is a real estate marketing agency, and we can help you effectively reach this target audience online with the right content. Sustainable marketing is highly valued at SUP digital, and you can read here how we approach it.

Real estate marketing with SUP

Think of us as an extension of your organization. We have the tools at our disposal to create a large and relevant reach to attract potential buyers. SUP digital taps into existing plans and translates them into online marketing activities through a digital marketing plan 📖. In this plan, we document everything before we start building online campaigns. Topics such as objectives, KPIs, marketing messages, required content, budgets, and timelines are extensively recorded. Are you satisfied? Are we satisfied? Then we proceed to execute the plan!

SUP digital oversees the entire spectrum, from online data to marketing automation, and from online campaigns to content creation and website optimizations. We design the entire customer journey so that real-time adjustments can be made based on set KPIs.

Attracting Registrants

That’s what it’s all about. But those registrations don’t come automatically; potential buyers need to be introduced to the project first. A customer journey can look like this:

  • Awareness: Introducing the project 📣
  • Engagement: Creating buzz, likes, comments, and website visitors
  • Information: Providing website content and videos ℹ️
  • Encouraging interested individuals to register and submit their preferences✍🏼Sales have started🏡


Each phase has its own content and key performance indicators (KPIs). We believe in a multi-channel approach, meaning implementing this customer journey on platforms like Google, Instagram, Facebook, Display, and/or YouTube. On Google, people actively search for phrases like “new construction in city X” or “sustainable building in city Y,” and all these active search intents can be captured through advertising on Google, Display, and YouTube. On social media, predefined personas can be created based on interests such as “urban users with a sustainable lifestyle.” In the digital marketing plan, we determine this starting point and make data-driven decisions during optimizations to ultimately attract as many registrants as possible.

Questions? Schedule a 45-minute 1-on-1 session, and we’ll be happy to discuss your online marketing proposition within the real estate market!

Nieuw Bergen Eindhoven

For the residential project Nieuw Bergen in Eindhoven, sustainability plays a significant role. Eindhoven is a city with great ambitions when it comes to sustainability. Nieuw Bergen aligns perfectly with these ambitions. We have implemented a multi-channel approach with campaigns on Google, Display, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Below is a selection of the results we have achieved:

  • 831K profiles reached
  • 4M ads served
  • Profiles reached an average of 4.89 times
  • CTR of 0.87%
  • 35K clicks to the website
  • Cost per registration of €7.75
  • Duration of 12 months
elements living amsterdam

Elements Living Amsterdam

Elements Living Amsterdam is a unique residential tower located on the Amstel river. By capturing active search intents on Google and targeting data-based look-alike audiences on social media, we have successfully acquired registrants for Elements Living at a very low cost per lead. Experience the unique living experience at

  • 114K profiles reached
  • 440K ads served
  • Profiles reached an average of 3.87 times
  • CTR of 2.01% (well above the FB benchmark average)
  • 9K clicks to the website
  • Cost per registration of €3.49
  • Duration of 5 months

Would you like to have a large online reach as well?

We take care of your online marketing and promote your real estate project. If you want to learn more or get acquainted, schedule a free 1-on-1 session 👇🏼